Q: How Do I Book you DJ service ?  

A: You can contact me through email text or call and discuss date,and event i will check my availability and if we agree on service i will send you a contract form once you fill out and return i will review and send a confirmation letting you know your officially hard booked for the date and event. Please note All Events bookings might require a deposit depending on package selected

Q: Are you the official DJ that performs or do you subcontract ?

A: I am the DJ for All Events (DJ RIVAL) No subcontractors only a help partner if the event requires one

Q: Do your rates fluctuate depending on travel and other circumstances ?  

A: My Rates are specific however travel and other circumstances can alter them such as holidays

or if event requires additional logistics that would incur me a fee but it would be agreed upon before finalizing contract

Q: Do you charge a setup and teardown fee ?

A: No setup and tear down are on my own time and no fee will be added

Q: What is required for booking ?

A: Signed contract does it  
however a deposit can be required  on a case by case basis

Q: What are my options to contact you ?

A: Email ,Text,Call, or any of my social media sites

Q: Do you have liability insurance ?

A: I purchase case by case event liability insurance  depending on if the venue or client requires it  
at cost forwarded to client

Q: What if my event and its outdoors and rains or rains in the forecast ?

A: I will give client the option to find acceptable alternative location or indoor location
or acceptable tenting if setup can not be accommodated i will be force to cancel service due to weather

Q: What if i need to cancel my booking ?  

A: You can cancel booking at anytime however grace period is appreciated
if you cancel 48 hours before event the next time you book you will be required to pay 50% non refundable deposit
all deposits are non refundable if event is canceled by client within 30 days of event

Q: Do all events have a sitdown and in person consultation ?

A: Only Weddings will have a free sitdown and in person consultation all other events
require a 25$ fee

Q: Do you charge by the hour besides your packages ?

A: I do not charge by the hour i offer priced packages
however i can fluctuate at my discretion case by case

Q: What if i want to add additional hours ?

A: You can add additional hours before or during event at DJ rivals discretion
if hours are added during event payment of extra hours is due upon agreement of extra hours